Parents Caring For Kids with Special Needs

Parents Caring For Special Needs Kids is a community page where families can share their experiences, tips and strength. Mutual support is crucial in a world that continues to marginalize people with disabilities. Our mission is to provide a space in which families feel safe sharing ideas, while promoting greater awareness and compassion among the general public. You can learn more about the people who offer services to the special needs community and who sponsor this page at There you'll find a wealth of resources for parents and children affected by special needs issues, including in-depth guides on important legal topics and financial assistance. One of the two people who is integrally involved with supporting this page is John Bair, an experienced financial consultant who helps families craft financial strategies that provide life-long support for children with disabilities, special education needs and congenital abnormalities. You can find John's latest thoughts on building a bright future for children with special needs at The other is Michael Monheit, Esquire, who is the managing partner for Monheit Law ( Michael has over 25 years of experience as an attorney. Michael is also the father of a child with developmental delay and special needs. As a result, he understands the range of emotions you may be feeling right now. Michael also sits on the board for The Cleft Lip And Palate Foundation Of Smiles where he regularly provides support to parents who have children with orofacial clefts. You can learn more about the organization at is sponsored by Milestone Consulting and Monheit Law. If you are involved in a lawsuit, please post only general questions and comments. DO NOT post personal information about your circumstances or legal situation. Anything you submit to the community could become admissible as evidence if you have filed or will file a lawsuit. Always consult with your attorney before sharing information on an online forum.