PappaRich Australia

PappaRich is a chain of popular cafe/restaurants from Malaysia which aim to serve authentic Malaysian delights to the general public. We have around 100 outlets worldwide, including Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia and Singapore. Our outlets are decorated in earthy colours to give a cozy, clean and comfortable ambience that suit the needs of those who want either a quick bite or a relaxing leisurely meal. PappaRich has experimented extensively and developed recipes that resulted in palatable Malaysian delights that appeal to the mass market. With our open concept, you are able to see the Pappa White Coffee, roti bakar etc being prepared on the spot, adding a whole new dimension to your dining experience. You can follow us on this page for more updates/offers. Alternatively, you can follow us on instagram at @PappaRichAus If you are interested in joining our family as a franchisee, feel free to contact us at