PussyKat Clothing & Apparel

• PussyKat clothing and apparel is in the business of selling self confidence through our high designer fashion. We have created a brand synonymous with elite elegance and high profile fashion. • Our company mission statement is to make everyday women fell like class acts, with fashionable custom fitted designer wear that accentuates each woman’s beauty PussyKat Clothing and Apparel is a trusted name for providing everyday wear for everyday women. • PussyKat Clothing’s company goals are simply to establish itself as a trusted brand in the fashion world for everyday wear, while establishing the trends and fashion statements for women around the world. We plan to have a full line of wear covering all fashions and in 5 years be a household name brand distributed in over 30 countries with retail outlets in every major mall in America! PussyKat Clothing will have a knack for high quality fabrics and threads that will be cost effective. Our retail outlets will inspire a creative and friendly environment attracting customers making each customer feel like a celebrity in their own right. Our customer service will pride themselves on their love and expertise for fashion as well as their attention to each customers need to look their best. • Our business philosophy is simply: If you look your best you will feel your best! • Our target market will span from early teens with a pop culture edge and lifestyle desiring trendy wear for everyday occasions, to up scale clients with a heightened sense of fashion and a need for designer style dresses and wear. This includes young women from 18 to more sophisticated women up to 36, these women are self made independent women accentuating their siren like qualities through seductive but classy wear.