Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Regina

Come and sweat it out in Regina's hottest, state of the art Far Infrared hot yoga and fitness studio! Burn calories and detoxify your body and mind while stretching and toning your entire body! Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Style: Building on the foundation of traditional yoga fundamentals and philosophies; fusing elements of pilates and fitness to create a contemporary style of yoga accessible to people of all backgrounds, belief systems and abilities in a far infrared environment. Multi Style Yoga – Ashtanga (Power), Vinyasa (Flow), Hatha, Yang & Ying while utilizing equipment to modify and enhance our contemporary style of yoga. Multi Style Fitness – Pilates, Cardiovascular Training & Calisthenics, utilizing equipment to modify and enhance routines. Our Mission: At Oxygen Yoga & Fitness our mission is to help people and our communities through hot yoga and fitness. We provide a place one can nurture the connection between mind and body; enhancing personal growth. We believe in contributing to the holistic health and wellbeing of our community. We encourage balanced lifestyles, acts of kindness; to ones self and to fellow beings and honoring and embracing our diversity as a whole. What is it do you ask? Oxygen Yoga & Fitness changes the lives of our participants through fun, challenging and dynamic Far Infrared Hot Yoga & Fitness Classes. We are the original Far Infrared Hot Yoga & Fitness Classes. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Oxygen’s Far Infrared Hot Yoga works on your flexibility and your core strength while integrating elements of Yoga, Pilates and Calisthenics to create dynamic fun and edgy routines. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Philosophy: “I Love My Life…and how my yoga practice enriches it!” If we nurture and love ourselves we are able to make positive change in our lives and of those around us. Offering classes that allow participants the opportunity to express themselves through their practice. No matter how you may be feeling today, there’s a class for you. We provide an open-hearted atmosphere where YOU can celebrate YOU exactly as YOU are; PERFECT IN EVERY WAY; practicing your art of movement in a safe and motivating environment.