Empowering women to be present and confident where-ever life goes... Through beauty and comfort that inspires confidence to take on the world and to enjoy your life’s moments. Our mission is to keep you comfortable, beautiful and confident so you can live unrestrained and focus on what matters. We understand the need for Design and Fabric that inspires confidence and empowers you to enjoy every moment of life. Thats why we created OxLaLa. OxLaLa leggings are designed for superior comfort. A next to nothing sensation with style and fashion in mind. Styles that are unique to your identity and brings out your beauty. Keeping you confident on your life’s journey. OxLaLa prints are limited edition. Always keeping our highly collectible artistic designs fresh and continually expanding the variety of prints delivered directly to you. The women we design for and our exclusive insider members are our biggest inspiration in the artistic and creative process of our products. Our Exclusive Insider Members indulge in spacial Insiders Only prices. They influence and help chose new design print releases as well as have access to Insiders Only Print Editions. We will be opening access to those who want to be become our Exclusive Insider Members Soon!