Omni Personal Training Facility - Northampton

Personal Health & Fitness - Healthy Fit You! WE ARE NOT A GYM. We Bring you Health, Fitness and Body Transformation Programs all tailored to YOU RESULTS. Through 121 PT , Strong Training, Group PT, Primal Moves our Flexibility and rehabilitate the body program and our Pole Fitness training program all suitable for everyone - Beginner, starting out to Super Duper Fit. A place to let go, forget about work, stresses for an hour and surrender to the moment and be free to enjoy your workout and explore the beast or beauty within us! Building a health and well being community, inspiring you to be the HEALTHY best of yourself in a world of boundless opportunities. This is an invitation to be whoever you want to be. It's your life and you are here to live it. Be Healthy and Stay Fit! NO EGOS, NO BUSY QUEUES, NO GETTING LOST ANYMORE.