Om Tara

Laura Gasparrini, M.A., is an artist, writer, educator, counselor and inventor. She has been teaching the Art of Beadwork for over 15 years and creating jewelry since childhood. She is the principle designer and owner of Om Tara™. Laura is the inventor of the Om Tara™ Crimping Pliers and the developer of Om Tara™ precision beading tools. Laura creates Inspired Adornment™ and Talismans for women that honor and express the unique spirit of the Wearer. Pieces with names like Gypsy, High Priestess, Mermaid, and Muse emanate beauty, purpose and personal empowerment. Each piece is made by hand combining the Earth energy of Shell, Pearl and Stone and archetypal essence of the Divine Feminine while using age-old beading techniques and focused spiritual intention. In addition to her work in Jewelry Arts, Laura has extensive experience as a vibrational healer, bodyworker, talisman artist and intuitive with 25+ years experience in the study of alternative healing methods, Eastern and Feminine Spirituality and the Tarot. She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and a life long interest in Divine Feminine Mysteries. Laura developed Auric Repatterning™, a multimodal approach to energy healing, which incorporates sound, stones, energy work and visualization, and Issue Mapping , an individualized tarot-based counseling method. Laura is an ordained Priestess, Creativity Catalyst and champion of Creativity as a Sacred Path. Laura offers classes in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, and at beading trade shows across the country. She is available for individual consulting in beadwork and jewelry design. Laura is currently developing Om Tara™ Bead and the Jewelry Arts Academy – an online classroom that offers instruction in beadwork and jewelry design, ranging from beginning beading skills to over 100 project-specific workshops.