Oil Shares with Deanna Nichols

Hi! My name is Deanna Nichols. I spent most of my life struggling with my health until I learned to become my #1 advocate for wellness. I prepared my heart and mind to be well and my body soon followed! Now I live my dream life with my hubs Jon and our amazing miracle boy named X. Together we educate and inspire others to choose a life of purpose, abundance,and holistic wellness. We create communities of people all over the world that are shining BRIGHT and spreading a message of hope with others. Essential oils have changed our lives. Now we want to share this gift with you. And if you are going to use essential oils, you might at well use the VERY BEST. We are not medical professionals. We are regular people who have used our considerable personal experiences and experiences with thousands of others to walk alongside your on your journey to wellness. If you have serious or emergency medical needs, please consult a licensed medical professional. Our information is here for you to use as a resource along with your own team of professionals. But we cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe for you. That means that as you apply our free information you are explicitly waiving any liability on our part.