When we first started Thinker-Tinker, our vision was to create toys that could not only respond, but evolve. We wanted to make a physical toy, because unlike a tablet or phone alone, it’s something you can feel confident about putting in a kids’ hands. And we wanted the interface and design to be simple and clear, because that’s how communication should always be. In 2015 we set out on a journey to create an interactive toy that could do just that. Octobo is a plush robot companion that helps children learn through interactive storybooks and a constellation of educational apps that expand the capabilities of our toys. We made toys that can respond to physical play, where Octobo will giggle if you toss him and sing if you prompt him, and where Octobo can give your child feedback on how well they are learning. Most importantly, we created Octobo with expandable content, so that parents can unlock new features as their children grow or their interests change, and curate songs, stories, and games for their kids that are personally meaningful. We’ve found a way to make screen time about something that isn’t just the screen; Octobo means time with a book, time with family, and time with a companion who allows you to explore, imagine, and be creative. So we’re so excited to share our passion and make our vision become a reality as we launch Octobo on Kickstarter early next year. We can’t wait to go on this journey with you. Octobo will be launching on Kickstarter Early March 2018!