There are many divorce attorneys out there and most of them are capable of negotiating a settlement or winning a hearing in court. So why should you hire NuVorce? We believe that the divorce practice is desperately in need of a revolution. We believe that clients don’t want to be billed for every phone call, e-mail, and thought of their attorney. That system creates value for attorneys, but not for clients. We believe that there’s a better way. We were founded with one goal: to revolutionize the practice of divorce law through one guiding principle: Everything we do must create value for our clients. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t pay more for legal services than you get back in value. Unfortunately, in the divorce practice, clients often feel that value is rarely delivered. So how will we deliver value to you? (1) We will educate you on the divorce process. a. Smart clients make smart lawyers. (2) We will partner with you to create a strategic plan to achieve your goals. a. We are the only divorce firm in Illinois that was founded by an attorney whose MBA focused on strategic planning. We will use that to your advantage. (3) Based on the goals and the strategy, you will determine how much you value achieving those goals. a. For some clients custody of children is very valuable, for others it is not. For some clients dividing possession is very valuable, for other it is not. YOUR case should focus on what YOU value. (4) You will use that value to determine how much your divorce will cost. a. By knowing up front what you value and are willing to fight for, and what you don’t value and are not willing to fight for, you can help us determine how much you will spend to get divorced. Whenever possible, we will try to establish a set amount that is paid monthly to accomplish these goals. b. OR, if it’s to your benefit, you can choose a traditional billing structure. As long as it creates value for you, we’re in. (5) We will subject all decisions in your case to cost benefit analysis. If it will cost you more in legal fees that you’ll win, we’ll tell you not to do it. a. Don’t spend $5,000 fighting over an issue that’s only worth $50 to you. Seems simple, but this is an emotional time where small issues can seem huge. Our experience as divorce attorneys will help guide you away from these types of mistakes. (6) We will revisit all goals and strategy at a minimum of every three months to ensure that we are responding to any and all changes during the case. Our belief that everything we do must create value for the client permeates every element of our business. From our office space, to our use of cloud based computing, to our internal business practices, every element has been selected to provide more value to our clients. We do things differently. That’s deliberate.