Nu U Nutrition

The Birth of Nu U Nutrition Our company is the expression of a deeply held, very personal desire to create a lasting difference to the health of our customers and family. This is not a company driven by profit. Both partners, Stuart and Donna, have seen first-hand the effects of poor health in their extended families - problems directly attributable to poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. Donna’s mother sadly died before the age of 40 due to skin cancer, when Vitamin D could have helped prevent it. She lost her father when he was 47, also to cancer. Her extended family have seen nutritional deficiencies create lasting conditions like Vitamin B12 anemia. Stuart found his family at similar risk, from smoking and from poor diet choices, and saw the lack of simple, fundamental nutrition was causing a damaging impact on his loved ones. Stuart and Donna became obsessed with discovering how nutrition could improve health, first for their families and now their customers. Nu U Nutrition was the culmination of this obsession. The Nu U Nutrition team have seen first-hand the beneficial effects that vitamins, minerals, botanicals and food extracts can have for those fighting everything from serious illnesses to everyday ailments. After discovering the vitamin drain that has seen a thirty-year decline in the nutritional value of vegetables, it is more important than ever for individuals to supplement their diet with rich nutritional concentrates. Without these, even those living the healthiest lifestyles can suffer significantly both in their daily lives and when fighting illness or disease.