Nisha Chellam MD

A strong foundation is the most important in anything that we build, or any venture we undertake, whether it be a home, family or relationships. However, we never give much thought to our health until we are sick or in a crisis. Being proactive and being empowered to manage health despite the stressors and interruptions we may have, would be the primary goal of holistic ICON . We partner with our patients to provide a strong foundation to maintain or restore vitality and health. You are unique and we make sure you know that. Patient’s may have unique health needs to get to the bottom or root cause of disease process and this takes time and diligent effort. We therefore offer specially designed lifestyle packages that is bundled in a curriculum form so patients are well educated about their own health and work towards reversing the disease process rather than managing the numbers with medication. Whether it is diabetes, thyroid disorders, stress causing adrenal dysfunction or insulin resistance with associated weight gain and cholesterol or high blood pressure issues, our goal would be to work with patients and reverse the disease process so they are left with health and vitality and not destined to disease sickness and disability. Here’s What We offer in our Packages: Expanded cardio metabolic profile Stool and salivary testing Education the foundation needed for self care Liver detox protocols Supplement discounts Mentoring for health maintenance Heart math(Improve concentration and focus) and more!