Cristy Angcahan Worldwide Grocery Business for every Juan

Mobilepreneurs are the new breed of distributors coined from the word mobile and entrepreneurs, trained and equipped to spread the good news of alternative marketing products and services by educating and empowering consumer of this generation. Products open for reselling/ distribution/ Marketing: TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Globe Prepaid Globe GCash CONSUMER PRODUCTS SAJI PEPSI COLA KOPIKO ENERGEN NATURE'S SPRING UNIVERSAL CANNING CORPORATION DOLE RFM ANYTIME FITNESS SKIN BLEND MEGASOFT CALATA CORP. CRICKET LIGHTER UNIQUE PRODUCTS MOZZ STOP GUAVA WASH NUCLEAR SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SOLAR LAMP OWN PRODUCTS PLANET RICE PLANET EGG PLANET MEAT PLANET DRIED MANGOES PLANET DISHWASHING LIQUID AND MORE TO COME