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If you stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and march up and down, you will eliminate your righting reflex and see your true posture. When you open your eyes, you may be surprised at what you see. Look at your hips and shoulders. Is one side higher than the other? Is one side rotated in front of the other? Are they more forward than backward? Look at your head. Do you have "forward head syndrome," in which your chin is jutted out over your chest? Is your head rotated one direction more than the other or bent sideways to the left or to the right? It's like a car that needs to be aligned, or a building that needs to have a level foundation. A car can still run with tires that are misaligned, but one or two of the tires will wear out faster than the others and will eventually have to be replaced. A building can also stand without a level foundation, however it will be more susceptible to damage and eventually the building will fall. If you found postural imbalance, certain areas of your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet are bearing more weight than others. These stress areas are going to break down very quickly compared to other areas of your body. For example, if your right hip is rotated forward and that hip is lower than the other, you are putting tremendous strain on the inside of the right knee, foot and ankle as well as certain areas of the lower spine. Therefore, you are very likely to have trouble or "arthritis" in those joints and discs due to progressive wear and tear. More concerning however, is the endangering pressure being put on the nerves that exit the spine that are responsible for controlling the different organs and body systems that keep us alive and functioning at an optimal level. Call us at (02) 553 6218 or to learn more visit http://www.manilachiropractor.com/