My Freeloader

Lightweight, Minimalist Child Carrier Backpack. The Freeloader is a lightweight child carrier backpack made for comfort, convenience and ease of use for both you and your child. As easy to carry as a daypack and as comfortable as a full sized child carrier system, The Freeloader lets you enjoy the time your child is out of the carrier as much as when they’re in it. Minimalist Design, Lightweight and Flexible. No more giant frame packs or full-torso carrier systems. The Freeloader looks and feels like a simple backpack, offering you freedom of movement and comfort when your child is in or out. When your little Freeloader is ready for a lift, the integrated fold-down seat provides hours of comfort, without exhausting your back and shoulders. Fit for Toddlers and Children. Rated up to 80lbs, The Freeloader is a great alternative for when your kids are big enough to run around, but not ready for a full day outing. Let’s face it, kids are like hybrid vehicles, they can only go so far without running out of juice. Portable and Packable. Small enough to use as a carry-on or in the trunk of your vehicle, The Freeloader easily stows away for airline travel, road trips, day hikes, cruises and more.