My Fitness Kickboxing Baldivis

Come and experience Perth’s most exciting and fun workout ever! My Fitness Kickboxing has been put together by professional martial artists, personal trainers and physiotherapist to give you the most incredible all over body workout no matter your fitness level. The best part is no experience or fitness is needed to get started. If you have never done an exercise class before, or never done punches and kicks, our trained instructors will guide you through every step of the way. It is group fitness on your own. In each class you will learn practical kickboxing combinations that you will get to practice on your own boxing bag at your own pace. Then you can pick up the pace and get the most awesome cardio workout. The hour long classes will have you burning around 800 calories increasing your strength flexibility confidence and enabling you to get more out of each day. The end result will have you leaner toned and bursting with energy!