Mommy Mall SA

The Birth of a Tribe, our village: The very FIRST mom-to-mom trading concept in South Africa came into existence 17 Dec 2014. Founded by Naomi Butow, well respected Marketing Strategist with almost 900 endorsements in the field of Marketing on LinkedIn, it was called MOMMY MALL. {Moms selling to Moms. Moms buying from Moms - easy} From humble beginnings, 300 members in Cape Town only, Mommy Mall SA now celebrates trade & shopping activity between 50 000+ members in 15 online Mommy Mall branches nationwide. The concept is fully operated on Facebook alone. Our "Mommy Mallers" Mommy Mall mompreneurs are on average between the ages of 25 & 39 - indicating that Mommy Mall is used and supported by mothers of all ages. In the early months already, Mommy Mall brought more business, more friends, more inspiration and a place of belonging to all mothers of South Africa. Many confess to learning new skills in business from others daily - they were receiving more website hits and more Facebook page likes and Mommy Mall made a great proportion of their businesses fly! Mothers enjoy the following benefits: 1) Advertise thrice a week on your local trade page 2) Get page likes (remember to give!) 3) Get post likes (remember to give!) 4) Run competitions 5) Enter competitions 3) Make friends 4) Be inspired daily 5) Build your client base 6) Build your supplier list 7) Open opportunities for joint ventures 8) Build your business 9) Learn more about business 10) FLOURISH!! & All of this for FREE. - We encourage the purchase and display of Mommy Mall Branded goods as a donation towards the cause - and to give mothers a conversation piece to encourage others to join the momolution! To purchase car branding, mugs, key rings and the like, visit "Mommy Mall Brand Shop" (To find your closest mall use the search function on Facebook and type in " Mommy Mall" + "your nearest city") Engage with out tribe, our village: For Corporates and big brands. Mommy Mall has been run and administrated by the founder Naomi Butow and 36 volunteers for two years to bring it where it is today. We have proof of small business survival, of economic growth and we have created a truly exceptional platform for big business to connect with a very unique and economically active market. Naomi Butow, Founder and Marketing Strategist now offers marketing entrenchment opportunities & experiential marketing that may be used for CSI or as complementary alternative channels for consumer engagement. Please contact us at for more... View Naomi's LinnkedIn Profile here: PS: To experience some of the Mommy Mall Magic, click on this hash tag #MommyMall