Million Dollar Collar

Video Explanation: Million Dollar Collar® is a permanently installed placket stay designed to improve the look of a dress shirt. It is the only permanent solution to "sloppy collar" on the planet. The front placket is the focal point of every dress shirt. Although these double layers of fabric with the buttons and button holes are designed to give a shirt more strength and support, the natural weight of the collar and shirt fabric cause the placket to sink, wrinkle, and fold. The result? A dress shirt that leaves you looking and feeling sloppy. The patented "stay-up" design is simple yet extremely effective, including heavily researched and specifically engineered "stays" that are permanently installed into the front-upper placket into the collar band of a dress shirt to help it retain a crisp appearance. This exclusive technology is the answer for the person who wants to look casual yet refined. We call it Million Dollar Collar® because you can now unbutton your dress shirt (with confidence) and still look & feel like a Million bucks. Million Dollar Collar® is *PATENTED*. Welcome to the new standard in dress shirts.