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At Migraine Again, we’ve curated and created what we think is the most trustworthy, encouraging content from across the web to help people dealing with migraines deal with them more effectively. We take a holistic, integrated approach to address a disease that doesn’t have a cure. It’s about managing a condition and living a fulfilling life, despite migraines. Migraine doesn’t just affect our physical health. Migraine can strain relationships. Migraine often interferes with work. Migraine steals years from our lives, a day at a time. Migraine messes with our heads. Migraine drains our hard-earned money. How do we know? Our editors and chief contributors are migraineurs and those who love them. We have three integrated goals: 1) Empower Patients - to take charge of your own health, under a doctor's supervision. The more you know, the better you'll feel. 2) Raise Awareness - about the disease among those who don't suffer and don't get it. The more they know, the easier our lives will be. 3) Raise Funds - for research to produce more effective medical solutions. The more research done, the closer we get to a cure. There is no other disease that causes more disability relative to its medical research funding on the planet. It's time to change that, together. Until there's a cure, we enable sufferers to find fewer migraine days, more fulfilling days to live, laugh and love. Community Participation Guidelines: Product/service promoters - Migraine Again will not allow posting of any commercial entities unless approved by the editor in advance, if at all. That includes recruitment for medical or personal research studies. Individuals - Please do not suggest "private message me for a cure" or including a link for a product or service. Disparaging anyone publicly will not be tolerated. Factual corrections are welcome at info@migraineagain.com. Anyone who violates community guidelines will be banned immediately from this page.