Metropolis Fremantle

"Metropolis Fremantle has a certain retro-futuristic charm. While it's divided into four distinct areas (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), they all have a serious sci-fi kink. Like, if you got a group of architects from the 1960s and asked them to imagine what a nightclub on a space station in 2020 might look like (kind of how they designed the sets for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Oh, and throw in a little Total Recall into the mix). The point is, Metropolis is a genuinely striking venue. Whether your hanging out by the bar (Fire), on the dancefloor (Air), in the lounge with a booth seat (Earth), or checking out the second dancefloor/bar (Water), there's obviously been some thought and money placed into the layout, lighting and decor. The four chambers (and eight bars) are kept busy with a constant supply of local and international DJs playing a crowd friendly mix of house and top 40 dance. While the occasional rock act comes through on a Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays are of the Four to the Floor variety. And as for the drinks selection, it's what you'd expect from a dance-orientated nightclub. A lot of pre-mixed spirits, some imported beers and many shots at the bar. Besides, the day you turn down a shot at the bar is the day a little piece of you dies." "Written by: Peter Germano, June 2009, City Search Perth"