Maya Nahra

WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD CHANGES THEIR HEALTH... The ‘diet’ era has ended. Habit and Behavior Change™ has taken its place. It is an evidence-based formula - created by behavioral registered dietitian Maya Nahra - proven to create permanent health and lifestyle changes through a change in the individual’s long-term habits and behaviors by combining medical nutrition therapy and habit-forming mindset practices for both physical and mental, or thought, habit changes. WHAT IS THE HABIT AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE™ HEALTH COACHING PROGRAM The health coaching program combines Habit and Behavior Change™ with individualized health coaching from registered dietitian nutritionists, peer-to-peer mentoring, cutting edge mindset training and support groups to create permanent changes to an individual’s state of health by increasing patient compliance through the Habit and Behavior Change™ methodology. If you've tried it all... lost hope... or are simply looking for a better way to create change in your life... WE ARE THE ANSWER. The Habit and Behavior Change™ Health Coaching Program accepts only those who are serious about making long term changes to their health, not those looking for a quick fix. Due to the true nature of creating change within an individual, a change of one’s habit – in both thought and physical behavior – will not occur overnight. When this is accepted and the individual commits to the program, it will work, every time. To join the Habit and Behavior Change movement as a patient or physician, please visit: