I have always been fascinated by the abilities of the human body and its vulnerability and ability to heal itself. I was a dancer who enjoyed learning new and exciting movements that seemed impossible to achieve and my partner enjoyed music and the artistic part of dancing. We were a very successful dancing couple and I realized ‘why’ after sometime. I was intrigued and fascinated by the fact that what we ate and how we were training had a direct impact on our capabilities and tried to learn everything about training and nutrition. Later as a dancing trainer I could get deeper into this, however my dancing career came to an end and then I studied Sport Sciences in Germany and learnt everything to do with how to plan training and nutrition correctly. I started working as a certified personal trainer and very soon I was working with clients on weight loss and muscle building strategies. Then when I moved to Switzerland I learnt sports therapy besides nutrition and coordination training and I worked with the professional footballers with injuries in the rehab center. Today I combine my knowledge about training methods, functional training and nutrition to a great and effective program to help people stay healthy, get fit and help them lose weight if that’s their aim. I believe that there are “No Excuses” and “12 minutes is all you need” to stay fit and live a healthier life.