Marriage Helper

Marriage Helper was founded by Dr. Joe and Alice Beam. In 1987, after 15 years of marriage, they divorced. During the three years before they remarried, Joe, Alice, and their children experienced the pain of a broken home. After 3 years divorced, Dr. Beam asked Alice to remarry him and try to repair the family. After they remarried, it took 7 years of learning how to overcome their past and learning to be in love again. They began focusing on helping rescue other marriages in trouble before they, too, suffered the consequences of divorce on themselves and their children. Through personal experience, alliances with top-tier professionals, research, and working directly with thousands of marriages, the MH staff developed and honed an extremely effective method for helping couples rescue their troubled marriages and fall in love again. He and Alice founded Marriage Helper, a Tennessee not-for-profit corporation which provides an amazingly effective workshop for rescuing marriages in crisis. Today, God uses Marriage Helper, Inc. to save hundreds of marriages every year, but we refuse to stop there.