Marna Thall has been helping women end emotional eating, transform overeating habits and make peace with food. After a long battle with diets, I discovered that following diet rules were making me fatter instead of thinner. The lack of choice, freedom and options were creating food obsession was creating a 'good food' 'bad food' relationship with food. As a Psychology student in college, I began reading up, interviewing and studying the naturally thin. I learned everything I possibly could about how they think, what they eat, how they address social eating, emotions, you name it! When I began copying them, I quickly started losing weight - and finally felt normal with food! I now help successful women who just can't seem to figure out how to stop overeating and turn to food, to break free of their emotional eating and arm them with naturally thin tools to shed weight without feeling deprived. I love empowering women to think, eat and live just like the naturally thin do! There's nothing like kicking diets to the curb and feel like you can FINALLY eat a meal and enjoy it without guilt, without negative self talk and without the added weight.