Madison Fit Body Boot Camp

Fit Body Boot Camp is Madison's FIRST dedicated INDOOR Boot Camp Studio. Our high-energy workout sessions are designed to get you TWICE the results in HALF the time. We're not your typical “gym” - we don’t sell memberships to use our equipment. You'll never be in the gym on your own, wondering what to do. We’re not a big box gym. We’re different. How are we different? We'll the biggest thing is that we genuinely care about your success. We help you discover what your goals really are. We motivate you during sessions and notice if you miss a session. We know the importance of community and accountability, especially when it comes to achieving the goals you came to us for! We deliver personal training in a small group setting. Each session is led by experienced certified personal trainers who will focus on proper form and motivate you to do more than you think is possible. We've designed our program with FUN in mind first. We keep a positive, upbeat atmosphere in our boot camps, and we make EVERYONE feel included and supported in their fitness journey. No typical gym equipment here. We utilize battling ropes, kettlebells, bands, boxes, your own bodyweight, TRX suspension trainers, tires, and sledehammers – making your workout tons of fun and WAY MORE EFFECTIVE than the traditional machine & treadmill routine. Our workouts are designed to create the “Afterburn Effect” in just thirty minutes, meaning you do one quick workout and for up to 30 hours after that your body’s metabolism will be working at turbo speed and BLASTING the fat away. So basically, with our program you are going to start seeing results fast, and you’re going to have so much fun you just naturally want to stick with it! Activate your 3-Free Fit Body Boot Camp Sessions Trial today at…/join-now/