Crispy, Tasty and all Natural! Our snacks are born of the concept that simple is more delightful and absolutely tasty. Finest seasonal produce are selected and processed with latest technology to retain the freshness and flavour, sprinkle with a dash of seasoning for one-of-a-kind crisps! There’s nothing extra and nothing artificial. Just simple snacks with an incredible crispiness that show how snacks can taste good and be good for you too. - 100% Natural - High Fiber - Vegetarian - No Additives - Halal Certified This is the official page for Krispie on Facebook. We invite you to participate in the community of this page. Your opinions are important to us. We just ask that you follow these guidelines: If you post a link , please provide some context . We will remove blind links. Personal attacks or other community members will not be tolerated. Do not post any personal information such as your email address or phone number. Language that is obscene , racist , sexist , or discriminatory in any way will be deleted. Please do offer advice to other community members, but do not portray yourself as a representative of the company if you are not one. DO NOT USE our Facebook page to sell products, solicit money , or recruit fans, followers, and group members. Have fun, be polite , keep the conversation on topic. Thanks