Mini Treasure Kids

Families have so many occasions to celebrate, from birthdays to holidays to weddings. Each milestone is a chance to get together with loved ones and observe rich traditions. Many times this means putting your best foot forward, wearing clothing that suits the day and fits just right. When there are kids involved, this can be a bit of a challenge. Most stores usually carry only a small selection of special occasion wear for children, and the choices don’t always have the style and quality that parents are seeking to find.. Being a mum to 4 girls and a fashion designer for more than 20 years with my expertise in being a pattern maker, here at MTK we offer a custom Design service for your special princesses. Being it a Christening, 1st Birthday dress, flower girl, communion dress, confirmation dress or debutante ball or simple just a beautiful made dress for that special little girl. As we know children are not that standard one size fits all and an individual pattern to fit your child measurements is made. What we do customize your dress to what you want. We source the best quality fabrics to be able to give you a premium product at an affordable price tailored to your needs. We offer fabrics and materials from a limited selection providing customers options to details and colours. Each one of our dress are handmade creating a personalize custom made dress. You have full control of the style and detail that will fit perfectly and the difference between a custom made dress and a brought dress of the rack. We then work out an exact costing for your custom made dress so there are no hidden surprises. Love for the design process and being a pattern maker is a big part of what keeps the brand alive. Our team enjoy all the little details that go into bringing a design to life that is your design. Mini Treasure Kids is inspired by the lack of choices for that special occasion. If your little one is attending a wedding, christening or special occasion then our range is perfect! MTK special occasion wear is from sizes 0 to 12, custom made and shoes from sizes 24 to 36. Please contact us if you have any enquiries -