Mommy & Prego Chat

This page is safe place to chat with other moms and get quick, but well-thoughout answers. This is a community page for all mommies and pregnant women. You can ask questions and get advice from other mothers, but remember it’s not medical advice. We are not doctors or attorneys. It is not a substitute for a professional. You should check with a physical or legal professional before doing anything. Don’t ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read in this group. We post our own contests, giveaways, memes and videos. If you do not agree with what you see, or what someone commented, move on. No need to comment and stir the pot. Admins have the right to delete any post or ban any member with out explanation. This is a sales and marketing site. Do not try post sales offers or ask for products and services. Do not ask for handouts, donations, crowdfunding, etc. Again, we do not provide legal or medical advice, this is social community for entertainment purposes only.