Luxxe White Enterprise

FRONTROW Enterprise offers health and beauty products which are the results of extensive studies and latest researches and innovations in the field of medicine and wellness. LUXXE products are exclusively manufactured byAIE Pharmaceuticals in USA. AIE Pharmaceuticals is a full service contract manufacturer and packager of dietary supplements, functional foods, vitamins, minerals and herbal products. They specialize in the production of capsules, tablets and powder drink mixes. All products are manufactured under the guidelines of United States Pharmacopoeia (U.S.P.), Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.), Disintegration, potency and dissolution are guaranteed. The Facility is FDA Registered, licensed by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and headed by Dr. Mike Youssef , founder and president. Our products are highly effective, that regrets HAVE NO ROOM for our costumers. Once you've experience using it, you will become one of our leading patronizers. We DO NOT compromise your safety by offering low-cost products yet ineffective in providing solutions for your health, wellness and beauty needs.