Lularoe with Leyla Meyer

I am so excited to a part of the LuLaRoe movement! This company has done more for my self confidence, self reliance, and even self knowledge than I could have ever imagined. I live in Oviedo, FL (just north-ish of Orlando) with my husband Myren, little kids Max and Willow, and also have a "big kid," Devin, that is a Navy veteran. I have to also include in our family tree our dogs Hudson and Remi, our fish (Snorfie, Clyde, Vlad, Stripe and Swipe), our wild turtle Soup, Pokey the bunny, and our shark Fluffy. (OK fine- Fluffy is a mosaic tile in our pool, but we love him just the same). Through LuLaRoe, I am able to homeschool my younger children while supporting my family monetarily. Myren has quite the classic car "restoration" habit, too. (When you have double the number of cars in your yard versus drivers in your household, can we just call it an obsession already??) I have been through tough times as a single mom, which formed my identity for many years. I didn't know how fun, interesting, and amazing I truly am! (J/K, but not really.) I want to be a light to empower women to find their own inner strengths, their "spirit unicorns" if you will - and I want to help them SHINE! Love and Light, Leyla