ScratchMeNots are flip mitten sleeves that reduce scratching damage for children with sensitive skin! They are made for children who rub or scratch their skin, and especially for those with itchy skin irritants. Easy for parents to put on, yet hard for children to take off. A ScratchMeNot will help give you peace of mind as you can cover your child's fingers during scratching moments, and provide them with hands free opportunities when they are not scratching! ScratchMeNot's unique design allows them to be worn with just about any outfit, allowing your child to continue to wear their existing wardrobe! Each one is made of a unique Bamboo/Cotton blend along with it's mitten having a silk outer layer that minimizes the friction from scratching and rubbing their skin. All of these natural fibers allow the skin to breathe. The bamboo pulls moisture away from the skin, and it is cool in warm weather and feels warm in cold weather. ScratchMeNots are made in a variety of colors and sizes, for newborns to age 6+!