Liz Benny

The cool thing about Liz Benny is that she lives and breathes her philosophy of ‘playing life full out’. And it’s not about doing that in a way that other people say is right or proper; it’s about being 100% authentic to who she really is. That’s where true happiness happens, and that’s what Liz Benny wants for YOU too. It took Liz a while to find success. Seemingly stuck in a job that was draining her soul, Liz made a decision, and set out to create a better life for her and her family – a life she’d always dreamed of. Liz firmly believes that everyone deserves happiness, and her passion is drawing that out of each and every person she works with. See, she knows how to make a ton of money in business, but she also knows that if a person is not grounded in what makes THEM truly happy… then all the money in the world will never be enough. People who meet Liz and interact with her are instantly hit with her enthusiasm and love of life and success. Liz’s main focuses at the moment are sharing her message of how to be authentic in business as a keynote speaker, assisting others to fly with her various training programs, and one-on-one business mentoring. Liz has a magnetic and engaging personality that you literally get swept along with – which is great, because you are the product of the people you hang around with. So, contact Liz and get the success you’re searching for!