Christan - Living The Good Vibe Life

About Christan - Good Vibe Girl “Don't Fear Failure. Fear Being In The Exact Same Place Next Year As You Are Today!" WOW! That quote really resonates with my soul! I find myself in a place of despirtation and helplessness. I could always invision how I would like my life to be. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted make money for myself, instead of making someone else rich. I know that it is possible, I just wasn’t exactly sure how to begin pursuing my life vision. Being a single mother carries a ton of financial responsibility. I’ve had a successful career in sales for the last 6 years, and though I am “successful” by society’s terms, I find that the demands of the job are robbing myself and my kids of quality TIME together! I’ve found myself working late nights and weekends in order to meet my territory goals, which leaves me limited time to build on the memories my kids will have with me. I travel a ton, which takes me away from my two precious minions (as I call them) This way of life wasn’t what I had pictured. There it was, staring at me. I truly believe the universe brought this quote to me at the perfect time. And it spoke loudly to my mind, heart and soul. “Don't Fear Failure. Fear Being In The Exact Same Place Next Year As You Are Today!" Exactly! If I want change....Then I have to TAKE ACTION I refuse to be in the same the same mundane life, hating mondays and living for Fridays. I decided I needed to find something that would allow me to maintain an income that continued to support myself and my children, while freeing up my life so I could ..... Do What I Want To Do! I want to Enjoy My Life, Travel and spend More Time with my Kids before they are all grown up and gone!!!! So, here I am! I’ve taken action….Running my very own Online Business!! I am working to create the life I have dreamed of for so long. A life where I am free of bosses and schedules, and I can plan work around my lifestyle rather than plan my life around work. I found a system that has proven results! It is a 90% done for me system through automation. I am learning a skill set through step-by-step training. No experience needed. The community (which I now call family) is beyond amazing and supportive. Building a business online allows me to do things like: Work at my own pace in my pajamas@ Be creative Work the hours I choose!!!! Spend more time with my kids Work from ANYWHERE as long as I have my phone or laptop and internet Learn super ninja online marketing skills :) I am so excited for what this year has in store for me! What about you? Are you living life as you’ve always imagined? Nine times out of ten....the answer to that question is NO. I feel part of my purpose in life is to positively impact people's lives, and that is why I am not only working to make my dream life a reality....but to help others do the same! I want to give mom’s their time back with their kids. I want to be a light in the universe and be an example to my children. Dreams don’t have to stay dreams my friends. I’m so excited to go on this journey, and I would love to take you with me! Above all I hope this speaks to your heart, as it did mine - “Don't Fear Failure. Fear Being In The Exact Same Place Next Year As You Are Today!" Much Love Friends! Christan - The Good Vibe Girl Pursuing Life with Passion, Purpose & Positivity