Little Havana Restaurant & Bar

Little Havana is Ghana's first Afro-Latino inspired street-food style restaurant and bar. The Little Havana menu is bursting with Latin flavour & fresh Ghanaian ingredients. This exciting new spot also offers upbeat Latino music, carefully crafted premium rum cocktails, and energetic service, all of which contributes to its fresh and honest appeal. The cantina is located in an old colonial-style building in the hip, creative, and entrepreneurial enclave around Osu’s Ako Adjei Park. By maintaining the building’s original wooden shutters and art deco detailing, and adding decadent chandeliers, charming vintage furniture, and vibrant eclectic décor, Little Havana’s founder and designer Marcus Morgan-Etty (of Santoku, The View, and Burger & Relish fame) has evoked the extravagant days of the Cuban capital’s pre-revolution era in the heart of Accra. The Afro-Latino connection is emphasized even further in the food. As Marcus enthusiastically explains, “Latino food is bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients, and has very strong crossovers with Ghanaian dishes. In designing the Little Havana menu I’ve taken inspiration from classic Cuban and Latino recipes and ingredients, but sourced everything from local producers here in Ghana.” The result is unique, but comforting soul food. Everything is gourmet quality, but served in a casual street-style, and at very reasonable prices. With light snacks like tostones with mango salsa to hearty ropa veijo, Little Havana’s chefs will surely keep you coming back for more. To add to this, the crew on the bar are Accra’s finest bartending stars, and will bang out a killer classic daiquiri for you in no time. Backed by Havana Rum, Little Havana is the first dedicated specialist rum venue in the West African region. So what are you waiting for? ¡Vámonos amigos!