LilyBee Wrap

We believe in the good in people. We believe in the collective consciousness and how each choice we make as individuals effects the whole. We also believe in ease and beauty. There's power in that. Just like there's power in love. LilyBee Wrap was born from a desire of an easy, eco friendly option working well without sacrificing beauty. We hate using plastic (especially just once and then in the bin...) so we started looking for alternatives. After trying just beeswax and a few recipes online that didn't really work we decided to create our own eco friendly food wrap and finally found something we are excited to share. The natural beauty of Hawkes bay, NZ cannot help but inspire. We hand select all of our gorgeous fabric (usually with Bubs in tow) and often wonder if the bees we see around our home help make the wax that is so lovingly applied to each wrap. LilyBee Wrap is family owned and operated. We are delighted to share this little piece of our family with yours. Let's do good by the environment. We all deserve little more beauty in the kitchen and our lives. Join the LilyBee family and use less plastic. It's small steps like these that change the world. Stacia, Miko & Bubs