Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison has written five international best selling books including the very popular Like Chocolate For Women, Like An Apple A Day, About Face, Read My Lips and The LCFW 28 Day Programme. Kim has extensive and broad studies in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, nutrition, fitness, stress management, counselling and personality psychology. She is the founder of Twenty8 Essentials - Aromatherapy & Organic Skincare - which is an exquisite range of chemical-free luxury products that are high grade therapeutic quality and smell delicious! For more than two decades she has inspired and entertained audiences around the world. Kim empowers her audiences to make positives changes in their lives by adopting simple, sensible and practical ideas, tools and rituals. Just like her book Like Chocolate For Women, Kim's message is simple. In this busy and hectic lifestyle women need to know self-care is not selfish – it is absolutely essential. With 5 beautiful books behind her, an incredible skincare and aromatherapy range and engaging presentations from Kim you will learn: How to achieve significant success in any area of your life and the powerful ripple-effect that follows. Insights into personality differences and how they can enhance and deepen your relationships. How to master the critical work/life balance. How to juggle, accept and embrace the challenges of parenthood, your career and your relationships. How to use high quality essential oils in your everyday life and maintain a chemical-free lifestyle without breaking the bank or wasting your time. How to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing and how to prioritise it so you have even more to give. Strategies to transform your life with simple essential self-care tools and rituals. The two-minute body boost that will literally change your life. Ways to increase your productivity and energy levels. How to develop a winning attitude and inspire unparalleled leadership personally or professionally. “I don’t know it all – and don’t pretend to. That’s what the journey of learning and maturing is all about. It’s been the feedback from my workshops, seminars and from the books we have written that has helped me to grow and fine tune our message – a message we all need to be reminded of constantly: self care is not selfish, it’s essential.” Kim Morrison For more information go to or