Leads and Leverage with Christina Ethridge

Capture, convert & close Facebook leads! YOU control the flow. You do not need to be dependent upon lead aggregators and a roller coaster sales cycle. Testimonials "Like most business owners, I've had a Facebook page for a while. And it did nothing. I had no idea how to use it for anything productive, and on the rare occasions that I did post something to it....no one commented. I quickly gave up and went back to working on things that I knew how to do. Christina has completely changed that for me. When I met her she was running a business that most people would assume had to be done in person and she was doing it strictly through social media leads. She KNEW how to use social media to get leads that would convert. Christina has been advising me on using social media for business for several months. She tells me exactly what I need to be doing (even if it's not want I want to hear) and then I do it. And it works, and I come back and ask what I need to do next. And then I do that. And it works. These days when I post to my Facebook business page....conversations happen. People ask questions and I'm able to demonstrate my expertise. My social media contacts are engaged. That's the kind of help that I need and that's the kind of help that Christina can give you." ~ Mary Frances Pickett, Owner, GlutenFreeCookingSchool.com Christina has taken the traditional real estate business model and figured out all the secrets to attracting prospects online. She understands what clients are looking for in a real estate agent and how to deliver it through social media in an automated and systematic way. Trust her to take your business to the next level! ~ Robyn Sharp, Owner, Mega Agency Marketing, Inc.