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Latest Deals - Find the very best deals, discounts, voucher codes, coupons, price glitches, freebies and competitions. Deals for money saving students, money saving experts, people looking for HotUKDeals alternatives, extreme discounts, total couponery and more. How LatestDeals makes money: is run by real people (Deepak, Tom and Kelsey) who work full time finding the best deals to help you save money. The website runs on servers which cost money, plus our office space in London where we work from. To cover these costs and provide a living, LatestDeals may earn a small commission from the deals and discounts it posts. Some, not all, deals pay LatestDeals a little money every time someone buys it. For example, if we find half price champagne at Tesco and you buy it, we may earn a little money. Usually, it's 1-3% of the total basket value. Pennies on the pound. When using and browsing our social media pages, please assume every link is one that we make money from. While the majority are not, if you feel uncomfortable about it then it would be better to act with the understanding that they all are. We always maintain editorial control and only share deals that we believe to be good value. If you have any questions about a particular deal, you can always send us a message here on Facebook.