Lanfar Malaysia

连法(马)有限公司座落于吉隆坡、班登英达。成立于一九九六年五月撒下开业的种子,一系列的精心策划,不断的努力经营及一连串的细心灌溉,期待着一天一天的成长,欣慰着其一日一日的茁壮、至今有六万多名会员。连法(马)有限公司秉持“正派、创新、关怀”的经营理念,及永续经营的宗旨。十多年一路走来,连法公司持续成长,日愈壮大。 连法(马)有限公司在执行董事曾后课先生的领导下,经营基础稳定,在印证了永续经营的决心也衡量着这间公司是否值得投入经营。同时也带领了连法公司加入马来西亚直销协会成为会员之一,进一步奠定连法公司在马来西亚传销界的地位,同时也保障每一位经销商应有的权益。 连法在十多年来培育出许多领袖人才的同时,也帮助了无数马来西亚子民寻回健康、获得财富。 Lanfar (M) Sdn Bhd is an established MLM company located at Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur. Began it's operations in May 1996, with currently over 60,000 independent distributors from all over Malaysia. "Legitimacy, Innovative and Considerateness" being Lanfar's corporate philosophy and a driving force behind our leadership in creating a group of high calibre people with good opportunities of career, wealth and health. With more than a decade of MLM experience throughout Asia, our knowledge in this region has gained depth and maturity. To date, under a great leadership of Mr. Jeffery Tserng director of Lanfar (M) Sdn Bhd, we have reached to the wide network with the great reputation in MLM industry in Malaysia. The perfect concept and strategy of Lanfar (M) Sdn Bhd's management have led to the acceptance as the member of DSAM (Direct Selling Association Malaysia) and at the same time strengthen it's position in MLM industry in Malaysia. We, at Lanfar always give a full commitment in establishing new team of skillful and creative leaders to create significant achievements with considerateness, caring and supportive attitude.