Lady Scorpio

Lady Scorpio is an original Gypsy inspired company that transforms a collection into treasures. Her focus is to empower the free spirits of the universe to discover who and what we truly are. It is her desire to inspire your inner Gypsy. Lady Scorpio style and treasures, are an expression of her passion, confidence and travels around the world. Every creation of clothing, accessory, or home decoration she offers is just a small element of herself & the world we are living in. Each collection is dedicated to individuals who crave originality in this trending world. She is confident, brave & adventurous. She strives to create an addicting trend that can leave a mark with every soul. WHO IS LADY SCORPIO? I am a young gypsy that was born & raised within the beautiful mountains of Utah. As a girl, I discovered the stars gifted me with such a wild and free spirit, along with a powerful mind to help make my dreams become a reality.