La Union del Pueblo Entero - LUPE

Picture this: Romeo is late to his first college class of the day. He's stopped for speeding and the next thing he knows he's being thrown into the back of a border patrol truck, wondering if he'll ever see his parents again. But because of a call to LUPE, we were able to get his deportation stopped and get him back with his family. Romeo's case is not uncommon. Founded by labor leader Cesar Chavez, La Union del Pueblo Entero is the first responder to the needs of folks in Romeo's situation in Hidalgo County of South Texas. We respond to the needs for our immigrant brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. From fighting deportations, to providing social services and English classes, to organizing for streetlights and parks, LUPE responds to the needs of the community, and takes action that creates a chance for a better life. And we build the confidence of community leaders so that next time, they can be the first responders for their own needs. LUPE is a proud member of the Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network.