LOL Events

There once was a time where stand-up comedy was an occasional occurrence in Malaysia. Then some insensible chaps decided that it was time for Asia to laugh like never before. They introduced the best stand-up comedians from all over the globe to the community. Hence, LOL Events was created and has since become a sensation in the entertainment scene. Never before have Malaysians experienced laugh-out-loud intelligent comedy on a regular basis. All it took was one show in June 2009 and the company has never looked back since. 7 years onwards, LOL Events has organised more than 180 live comedy shows with an attendance of more than 100,000 people. Things are looking up for these grown men who supply laughter for a living. They now look to enhance their repertoire with more creative shows whilst exploring the realms of television (Stand Up, Asia!). This is to fulfill their vision of making the billions of people throughout Asia laugh.