Kyren Marketing- Rob and Mel's laptop life

I have been in the oil industry since I was 16. I loved the adventure I would go on when I was on-shift.After a few years I settled down and got married, All of a sudden my life changed with the birth of my 1st son,Keiren.I soon figured out that there was a lot of firsts my wife and son were having and I had to hear about it over the phone. A short 3 years later we had another little boy,Kysen. I just about didn't make it home for the birth. Along that came more firsts over the phone and the calls with a stressed out wife that I couldn't give any help to. About 9 months after Kysen was born, I had an accident at work. I spent the next almost year at home recovering and spending quality time with the family.I am still in the oil industry and looking to make a living while spending all my time with my family. #digitalnomad