Kick Off World

We're a fan community developing a full reboot from the football managerial game made: Player Manager released on the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST in 1990. The retro game remake has pixel art graphics from original Amiga Kick Off 2, Player Manager, Return to Europe and Final Whistle with kind authorization from the original Graphic designer Steve Screech. We're moving football games back to the origins, when Anco was making the purest football games with fast gameplay and accurate physics Player Manager 2016 is a top-down managerial/arcade football game, originally created in 1990 by ANCO as an spinoff to the classic "Kick Off" game. After well over 2 decades, Player Manager 2016 is back in development with a Fan Community beginning in late 2012. It is currently developed by Kick Off World Team. Both Player Manager and The Soccer Player Manager 2016 revolve around simple gameplay and the ability for any user to create their own Team and career experiences using the provided team editor. Over the years, the community has created hundreds of Teams, tournaments and pitches to enhance your football experience. Key Features Easy-to-play - quick games, easy controls, lots of fun Intelligent, fun AI - they'll give you a run with 3 dificulty levels with great challenges Detailed physics - including accurate ball phisics on speed, bouncing, players attibutes & injuries Controller support - keybioard, joysticks and gamepads Heavily moddable - create your own team, pitch and much more Thriving international community - download for free and contribute with mods and soop play in international competitions Low system requirements - play on your laptop, smartphone or on your browser For more information about the game, please see It's available to download for Windows PC, Apple Mac OSX, Android devices, and on every browser with flash plugin. It'll be soon released on Apple iOS mobile devices and Linux