Kevin Parker Horseboxes

Passion, innovation and stunning are standard! With a diverse range of skills, disciplines and experience, the Kevin Parker Horseboxes team are dedicated to providing a service that is defined by the quality of our design, build and customer care. As well as maintaining a highly knowledgeable long serving senior management team, we also believe in keeping an eye on the future and that’s why we make a significant investment in young people as our apprentices provide an enthusiastic source of energy and inspiration for the whole company. From our reception right through to our sprayshop, the shared goals and objectives across the whole business is a genuine burning passion for building superior horseboxes and that’s why each project is treated with the same care, consideration and attention to detail. We cherish our workmanship and it’s not unusual to see members of the team photographing each vehicle as it departs the workshop. And of course we’d never let a Kevin Parker horsebox leave before our lovable pet Labradors Izzy and Gem have given them the final nod!