Kate Wedding & Evening Gowns

Kate Wedding & Evening Gowns service concept With the belief of love existence, we strive to hold the wish for love, and weave the most beautiful wedding dress with romance and happiness. We are committed to provide the wedding dress with good quality and reasonable price for consumers, make every bride have a tailored wedding dress, and marry wearing the beautiful wedding dress like a princess. Let us help you catch the beautiful moment, keep the timeless memory, and touch every newbie with profession and sincerity. Rental dress details: Frequently attending the evening party, you may puzzle your brain on the dress, why not rent it? The price can refer to the special page of FB with the term of four days, the consumer can select to pick up or send by us. For most dresses are new, it needs 25-30 days to order. Consumers need to pay 50% of the rental price as the security deposit. At the date of returning the dress, consumer service personnel shall check the dress without damage or dirt which can not be washed, and refund all the deposit. Thank you for choosing KateWedding. Please note the following before placing your purchase details: -Our designs are customized to suit your preferences, the creation of Kate Wedding Gown undergoes a detailed and cautious process, any changes shall not be accepted after the payment, hence we request you to be specific and careful in your order. -Each piece gown are designed to suit your preferences, sub sales or refund are not possible. -Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement and/ or computer settings. Modification of part is required to ensure proper fitment. -Any refund or exchange with the reasons of “not similar to the drawing”, “I do not think it is beautiful”, “it is not wonderful when I wear it” and others shall not be accepted. -Considering the limitation of the material in the market, the material may be not completely similar to the drawing. If you have any question on the material, you can require the customer service. -Should you have queries on our designs, be it the material or size, we welcome them. Please contact us so we could advise you accordingly. Q&A 1. Does the dress fit you? Can it be exchanged? Our dress is modified or customized according to your size, and generally it will fit. If there is a little ill-fitting part, we can let the master help to revise, and the cost shall be paid by our party. 2. Does your storefront offer the fitting service? Yes, you can try on the dress in our storefront, seek the professional advice from the dress commissioner, and feel the quality of the dress. 3. Where is the dress imported? After obtaining your size, we will send the detail to the master in Shanghai for platemaking, cropping, retouching and handmade appliqué, then make up according to consumer’s requirement, the process is very rigorous, so that you can show the perfect side in the wedding. 4. Can the wedding dress be ordered according to the drawing? We accept the customization according to the drawing. The similarity or most dresses is 90%. Due to the limitation of material, it is impossible to be the same with the consumer’s picture, while the overall feeling can be maintained. 5. I like your dress, and want to rent for wedding photo shooting, does it support? Yes, we cooperate with many photographers and makeup artists, the supporting is flexible. It can order the dress amount according to the album you want. We do not recommend the unnecessary cost and make the newbie achieve the economical and ideal result. More details can be seen in www.katewedding.blogspot.com 6. Why does the wedding dress so cheap? For we make it directly from the factory in Shanghai, thus saving a lot of costs in the middle, so we express our gratefulness to the consumer at low prices. Although the price is relatively low, the quality is as good as the usual. 7. How to calculate the wholesale price? It can be wholesaled from five pieces, it can be mixed, our rental price is the wholesale price, and it can be discussed if the quantity is large. 因为始终相信有爱情的存在,所以我们努力坚守着每一颗对爱的祝愿,用浪漫和幸福,编织出世间最美丽的嫁衣。 我们致力于为客户提优良品质和价格公道的婚纱,让每个新娘都可以拥有一套量身订做的嫁裳,穿着漂亮的婚纱,像公主一样出嫁。让我们帮你抓住美丽瞬间,留住永恒回忆,我们用专业和诚意打动每一位新人。 租借礼服细节: 对于常常出席晚宴你,可能常为了找礼服大伤脑筋,为何不用租的呢?价格可参考我们FB的专页,租期为四天,客人可以选择前来取货或者由我们寄出。由于大部分的礼服都是全新品,所以需要25-30天订制。客户需支付租价的50%作为抵押金,在退还礼服当天,客服人员检查礼服后确定没有破损或者不可洗脱的脏污后,将会把抵押金全数退还。 Q&A 1.礼服合身吗? 我们的礼服是依照你的尺寸修改或订做,一般上都会合身。 2.你们是否有店面可以提供试穿服务? 有的,你可以到我们的店面来试穿,寻求我们礼服专员的专业意见,也可以感受礼服的质量。 3. 礼服是从哪里进口的? 我们得到你的尺寸后,会把细节寄给上海的师傅制版、裁剪、修版和手工贴花,然后再根据客户的要求缝制,过程十分严谨,让你在婚礼中展现完美无瑕的一面。 4.可否来图订做婚纱/礼服? 我们接受来图订制,大部分的礼服仿似度有95%左右,因为材料的局限,可能没办法做得和客户的图片一模一样,不过整体的感觉还是维持的。 5.我很喜欢你们的礼服,想租来拍摄婚纱照,是否有配套? 有的,我们和数位摄影师和化妆师合作,配套非常具伸缩性,可依照你要的相本,礼服数量来订制,不强硬推荐不必要的花费,让新人们可以拍到经济又理想的效果。详情可以参考 www.katewedding.blogspot.com 6.为什么礼服和婚纱的价格这么便宜呢? 因为我们直接从上海的工厂制造,中间省却了不少费用,所以可以以低价格回馈给客户。虽然价格比较低,但是质量却是不打折的哦! 7.请问婚纱和礼服质量如何? 客户可放心,我们的质量可以媲美婚纱店的礼服,因为我们的合作伙伴是上海著名的师傅,专门制作出口礼服,我们的宗旨是,让每个女生都找到梦寐以求的婚纱/礼服。