Kaiser International HealthGroup, Inc.

As the 1st name in health care, Kaiser International Health Group is a registered provider of quality long term health care to different individuals across various sectors of the society in the Philippines. With its many accredited hospitals, clinics, laboratories and doctors from all over the country, members are guaranteed to an easy access to its services. Kaiser is not just a typical HMO, it is also an innovative approach that addresses the crucial need of the modern time and the modern Filipino for financial security. Aside from caring for the health needs of individuals, Kaiser takes its health maintenance program to far greater heights by introducing a paradigm shift to the typical Filipino mindset in terms of financial independence. Aside from achieving its goal of giving a sense of long term security in terms of health care, Kaiser also aims to provide a sense of financial security to its members as it addresses their needs towards retirement years when they will be needing the medical care the most. Members have the option not to use their coverage to secure for themselves a comfortable and worry free life after their employment years. This is part of Kaiser’s mission of providing the best health maintenance service and financial security to the Filipino people.