Kaikini Bikinis

Ocean + Bikini = KaiKini Aloha Sun Goddess/Beach Lover/Bikini Addict! We’re excited you’ve found our little piece of paradise! If you love the sun, sand & sea as much as we do, you’re going to love our bikinis inspired by the island lifestyle of Kauai! So what makes for a perfect ‘Kini? Bright, bold prints – sexy, flirty, fun styles & high quality manufacturing make KaiKinis ideal for surfers, paddlers and beach bunnies alike! Our suits are comfortable enough to wear all day, every day with our fast drying, anti-microbial liner sewn into every suit. We admit it, we’re bikini addicts, and for that reason, we put our line to the test – surfing, sunning, diving & hiking across the beautiful island of Kauai where we hand make each and every ‘Kini! Before a KaiKini makes its way to you, it must receive the ‘Marina stamp of approval’ to ensure it meets our rigid quality standards! Want more to love? Every ‘Kini is designed and made with Aloha right here on Kauai - the island that inspired them! Our high quality fabrics and sewing process ensures your KaiKini won’t fade or fall apart while you play! We’re saving the world from diaper-butt (saggy bottom) one ‘Kini at a time – taking the best parts of the traditional Brazilian fit and mixing them with durability and original designs to create what we call the Hawaiian Fit Our ‘Kinis are hand-made in small batches so you won’t see them on every beach! Each bikini is hand-cut – little variations in the print make your ‘Kini one-of-a-kind! We sell all of our bikinis as separates so you can customize your look according to your style & shape. We’re proud to say KaiKini is Sweatshop Free, & Eco-Friendly. About the Designer: I started KaiKini because I LOVE BIKINIS. Before I started this company, I had never sewn a day in my life (not even sewn on a button!). So I taught myself to sew by trail and error...more trial and lots of error...I started by using myself as a size model and then slowly started to test my other sizes and prototypes on as many friends as would let me until I finally started to make beautiful, one of a kind, island-life inspired bikinis. In doing so, I found my passion. I love this. I love making bikinis and I love sharing my creations with you! *Every KaiKini bikini is handmade with love and aloha on Kauai and always will be.* The KaiKini line encompasses everything I love about bikinis, the beach, the ocean and living the island life... Try one out and you'll be in love too!