KT Cyclone Sdn Bhd

To Our Loyal Customers and Bicycle Aficionados, Welcome to KT Cyclone! We pride ourselves in customizing our service to meet your cycling needs for high quality bicycles, gadgets, parts, components and accessories. Our team of friendly bicycle experts in KT Cyclone is as passionate as you are in the world of cycling. We recognize that each customer is unique with a different level of cycling knowledge. Hence, we are geared up to add value to each customer with our personalized service, by taking the extra mile in making sure that all your cycling needs are met under one roof. Our experience in the industry has brought us extensive network with various well-known bicycle brands around the world, which has brought us a huge competitive advantage in supplying cycling products that have high quality, top performance, advanced technology, attractive pricing, and strong track record. We respect our professional relationship with our customers and strive to update you with the latest products, brand partners, events and technical know-how periodically to keep you abreast with our company news. It would be a pleasure to meet you personally at our showroom to share with you our cycling expertise and knowledge, together with a guided tour to showcase our wide range of cycling products and brands. We look forward to extending our warm welcome & greetings to you at our showroom soon! The main distributor brands that we carry are: LAPIERRE BIKES (FRANCE), MOTION BIKES (TAIWAN), REYNOLDS WHEELSET (USA), KCNC (TAIWAN), CURREXSOLE (GERMANY), TOP ACTION (TAIWAN), INFINI LIGHT(TAIWAN), D-LIGHT(TAIWAN), GAERNE SHOES (ITALY), MICHELIN TYRES (FRANCE) and many more... Our HOUSE BRAND : MVR-RACING (CYCLING PARTS, COMPONENTS AND ACCESSORIES)