KDF Strength & Conditioning

At KDF, we believe everyone that has the courage and determination to change is deserving of that change to become reality. For us, seeing people unhappy with their body, confused about nutrition, fed up and frustrated by ‘scales weight’ and lacking confidence because of this deeply saddens us. Our aim is to take away that frustration and confusion, to help people understand WHY they are doing what they’re doing and to make it as easy and as stress free as it can possibly be whilst doing so. We strive to see people be the best they can be and we commit whole-heartedly to getting you there. This is the sole reason we do what we do, this is why KDF exists. With over 5 years’ experience KDF has worked with a wide range of individuals from middle aged sedentary clients just looking to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle to sports athletes looking to achieve peak performance. We offer a range of classes, programmes and courses to suit all goals and budgets, from 1-1 personal training and small group training to large group classes and nutritional support. We understand that each individual has their own goals and capabilities and we design each plan to specifically suit YOUR individual goals and needs. Take that step towards a happier, healthier you TODAY !!!